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She Rice athletic club

She Rise athletic club aim to do just that!

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Run analysis

Upgrade your running technique

We guide you through each step to improve aspects of your running to become an sustainable and more efficient runner. With your goals in mind whether it is to run faster, longer or to be injury free.

What we do



Running on a treadmill with cameras from different angles that are then analyzed in slow motion and still images.


Personal instructor

A personal instructor who will analyze your running technique and provide personalized. feedback to improve your running technique and run more energy efficiently.


Video Recording

High-quality video recording of your running technique, before and after correction. This will be provided for you to be able to work on your technique in the long term.



Tips and exercises to improve your running technique and increase your efficiency.



Tailored advice to prevent injuries and improve your performance.

Philip Österbo

Philip is a runner and multi sportsman with a keen interest and focus on strength, mobility and biomechanics. With experience from 1-1 sessions and small to large groups, he creates an environment to thrive in as an athlete and runner.

With experience in leading training and creating individual training programs for runners of all categories, he will always have the individual’s goals in focus. He will ensure that you become a stronger runner and improve your performance. A positive and encouraging attitude makes the training experience rewarding and motivating. With great attention to detail and durability, he will give you the keys to becoming a better runner.


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